These maps demonstrate three dimensions of national digital dependence from 2010 to 2019. They offer answers to the following questions:

1. How much do countries depend on foreign digital technologies?

2. How much do countries depend on the ICT goods from the US, the EU, and China?

3. How much do countries depend on global platform companies? 

More detailed information will be shown by clicking on countries on the map.

The colors of the global digital dependence map illustrate the degrees of national dependence; the numbers represent the international ranking. The country ranked first place has the lowest dependence score. The average digital dependence lies in the highly vulnerable area (the average DDI score is above 0.8).
The bilateral digital dependence demonstrates each country’s dependence on imported ICT goods from the US, EU, and China. The colors reflect the degrees of each country’s dependence on global ICT trade, and the arrows display each country’s ICT trade volume share, either with the US, EU, or China, of the international ICT trade (the thicker the arrow, the higher the share).

This map demonstrates the market share of platform companies for products such as tablets, smartphones, desktop OS, Mobile OS, social media, search engines, and browsers. It shows to what extent each country is dependent on foreign platform companies. Overall, most countries are over 80% dependent (DDI value 0.8) on foreign platform companies.